Process of production and materials

Process of productionThe body is made of pine veneered with 4 mm thick slices of various types of wood (walnut, maple, plum, ebony, elm and linden or popular burr), pearl, tortoise-shell, bone, ivory, gemstone, noble-metals and alloys. This is an original and appropriate historical techniques of the old furniture makers. We are able to use contemporary materials, i.e. old girders from rafter or ivory that old piano's keys were made of. This makes our contemporary furniture reproductions indistinguishable from the original antique furniture, even when using modern age-detection techniques.

Traditional furniture reproductions have several advantages

  • They last for hundreds of years.
  • In case of an accident a repair is possible.
  • The price increases over the time, contemporary furniture replicas are a good investment.
  • It is possible to replicate antique furniture indistinguishably using contemporary materials.

We are specialists in the technique Pietra Dure consisting of inlaying using hard materials – for example marble of different colours. This technique is also known as Florentine mosaic.

Carved statues and carving decorations which are gold-plated employ traditional techniques.

Inlays are finished using traditional methods of abrasion, patination and applying French polish.

We use cast brass forging exclusively. Velvet, velour and gobelins are used for the furniture's upholstery. We use real materials for inlays, i.e. ivory, tortoiseshell or bone. Some materials are not available anymore (i.e. ivory), in such cases we use old materials (i.e. ivory from old piano keys).

We are the only European, and as far as we know, the only period style furniture manufacturer in the world, that use the traditional techniques. Most manufacturers of contemporary furniture replicas are based in France, Italy and China.

French manufacturers of contemporary furniture replicas use machine cutters to cut veneers into various shapes. Veneers are only few tenths of milimeters thick, therefore it is impossible to repair the furniture in the future. Corpus is glued together and tightened with screws. Thin veneer is usually combined with plastic imitations of ivory, tortoise-shell or gem-stones. Instead of engravings either plastic castings or machine engravings are used. Period style furniture that was made this way has a short durability. Every furniture corpus periodically expanses and contracts due to humidity or temperature changes, but thin venners cannot reflect these changes. They crackle and repairs are impossible. Even an uninitiated person is able to see difference between such replica and an original piece. Our products are made using original techniques and featuring true 4 mm thick veneers and original materials ensuring long furniture life time.

Italian and Chinese manufacturers of contemporary furniture replicas are strictly focused on the lowest possible price. Their products are made from chipboard laminated using photo-veneers few micrometers thick. All engravings and ornaments are plastic, manufacturers use kitchen hinges and forging. Furniture made of the above materials and using described manufacturing techniques does not even evoke antique furniture.