About us


We manufacture and renovate all furniture ourselves from the begining to the final finish. We also provide transfer of the furniture to the Czech Republic and across the globe.

Residency of AMBRA Studio

We reside in Rokycany (Czech Republic) since 1990. You are welcome to visit us directly in our studio, where you can see in person the period style furniture creation process. We are open to discussion of personal, idealised design of any piece of luxury furniture, within our means. Please visit our Contact page for detailed contact information and map.


My name is Ladislav Pech and I started making and renovating furniture in 1985 in Prague. At that time it was not possible to run a bussines in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, therefore I worked under “free craft” status directly after I had finished my studies at Art School in Prague.

I started to run a bussines in furniture creation and renovation in 1990, immediately after the revolution. As time went by, I started to work with other engravers, woodcarvers, craft smiths and other specialists in traditional and contemporary furniture. We all work together in AMBRA Studio to create neat luxury period style furniture.

I am the holder of a Pietra Durre certificate that allows me to renovate historic furniture in accordance with Czech law regulations.