We manufacture and renovate traditional and contemporary style furniture using traditional methods. 

AMBRA Studio — producer of period style furniture

Ladislav PechMy name is Ladislav Pech and together with other woodcarvers we have been producing and renovating traditional and contemporary furniture since 1985.

You can visit the product gallery containing images of previously constructed luxury furniture. Please note: Client's privacy is maintained as requested. The gallery includes only luxury furniture produced for our clients that did not request exclusivity.

We produce fine quality Mannerist furniture, but we are also skilled at producing Baroque, Rococo or even Empire styles furniture. Other styles, i.e. Biedermeier or Classicism, are available on request.

All of our furniture is produced using the original and appropriate historical techniques of the old furniture makers. The furniture processed this way is indistinguishable from the original antique furniture.


Table in mannerism styleA short art period between Renaissance and Baroque, that culminates around the middle of the 17th century. Mannerism is characterised by individual expression, allegory and implication. Mannerism is notable for its intellectual sophistication as well as its artificial qualities, opposed to the naturalism of the High Renaissance. Mannerism culminates at the court of the French King Louis XIV. Most popular creator of royal and nobility mannerism furniture was Charles André Boulle, who invented new types of furniture, for example Bureau Plat (decorative writing desk with side drawer) or a dresser. The technique for inlay of brass or pewter and tortoiseshell is associated with his name – Boulle intarsia. Mannerism furniture is the most complex furniture in terms of decoration in the history of cabinetmaking. Mannerist furniture is our speciality. Visit the gallery to see our mannerist furniture.


Baroque chest of drawersThe Baroque style in furniture art evolved in Italy in the 17th century from where it expanded to the whole of Europe. France was an exception — most important French cabinetmakers never adopted Baroque and succeeded from Mannerism directly to Rococo.

Carl Carlo Fontana and Johann Paul Schor were among the most notable baroque furniture artists. Baroque brought a new concave and convex shape to the furniture and accentuated the flamboyance. Visit the gallery to see our baroque furniture.


Rokoko bureauRococo, also known as Late Baroque in Central Europe, is an art movement, which presented another development of Baroque furniture around the middle of the 18th century. Rococo furniture was heavily influenced by the Mannerist and Baroque movements in arts, but generally takes on a lighter, more feminine and generally organic form of design. Visit the gallery to see our rokoko furniture.

Other styles

Classicist bibliothequeRenaissance, Classicism and it's derivative Empire, Biedermeier, Historism, Secession, Art Deco and Functionalist furniture styles are also available to you. We have a good command of the traditional procedures of these styles and we have experience of their production. As later styles of furniture tend to be mass produced or factory made in origin their reproduction by hand may prove to be more costly than buying an original piece. Visit the product gallery to see our products.

Here in AMBRA Studio we produce secretaires, chests of drawers, bureaus, jewel boxes, cases, cabinets and corner cabinets, bookcases, audience cabinets, writing desks, toilet tables, bedsteads, bedside cabinets, console tables, miniatures, and other domestic furniture. All period style furniture made in AMBRA Studio is produced using the original and appropriate historical techniques of the old furniture makers. We can use contemporary materials  if needed which makes our products indistinguishable from the original antique furniture.

We are also experienced renovators of antique furniture.

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